About us

Who we are

Non-Standard Finance plc was established to acquire and grow companies or businesses in the UK’s non-standard consumer finance sector. Following completion of the acquisition of Everyday Loans on 13 April 2016, the Company has created a sustainable group of businesses offering credit to the c.12 million UK adults who are not served by mainstream financial services businesses.

Treating customers fairly

The Company and its Directors are committed to lending responsibly. This philosophy lies at the heart of our focus to build sustainable businesses, that each share a common approach on ensuring we deliver [excellent/positive] customer outcomes.

Strategy and market overview

Led by a management team with many years of experience in the non-standard finance market, NSF’s strategy is to sustainably grow its acquired businesses, achieving appropriate and attractive risk-adjusted returns for shareholders.


NSF’s Board includes some of the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals in our sector. We have a long history of collaboration between team members and extensive experience of non-standard consumer finance.